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Wielding Your Voting Power

“The one thing you've got going: your one vote.”

― Shirley Chisholm

Happy Women's Equality Day! On this day, the nation commemorates the passage of the 19th Amendment which granted women the right to vote. The word vote is defined as a formal indication of a choice between two or more candidates or courses of action, expressed typically through a ballot or a show of hands or by voice. The operative word is choice; women were not granted voting rights until 1920, which was made possible by the tireless efforts of the Women's Suffrage Movement. Prior to the Suffrage Movement, women were prohibited from owning property and had no legal claim to any money, even when they earned it.

The foundation of the United States is rooted in the principles of democracy. However, in contrast, women's rights have been denied, deferred, and debated since the country's inception. The exclusion of women from the political process for over 100 years is inconceivable. Moreover, it is reprehensible that women of color were not permitted to exercise their constitutional right to vote until 1965. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 finally allowed all women the opportunity to exert their political power and women have been consistently wielding that power to make change with intent. Women understand that voting is not only a civil right, it is a civic responsibility that all citizens must utilize in order to activate their political power and drive sustainable change.

It is vital for women to remain educated and informed regarding issues that impact the gender. Women must mobilize and advocate for each other. This will help to ensure women maintain their rights. In celebration of Women's Equality Day, use the following activities to amplify women's voices and make certain they are heard loud and clear:

  • Sign the Women’s Equality Day petition on the website to lobby for Women’s Equality Day to be elevated as a federal holiday.

  • Help women register to vote.

  • Support female owned businesses.

  • Donate to causes that support equality.

  • Promote voter access.

  • Support fair redistricting maps.

  • Create your voting plan for upcoming elections.

  • Make a post on social media regarding women's rights and equality.

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